Learn to trade the modern markets using the timeless wisdom of W.D. Gann's methods.

About W.D. Gann

Throughout his years of expansive and dedicated research, Gann meticulously assembled a unique and comprehensive analysis and trading system that synthesized rigorous and dependable trading methods with a profound esoteric and mathematical understanding of how all things in nature (including the Markets) relate through a Universal "Law Of Vibration". His master system was elaborated across a long history of books and courses, each containing several layers of encoded information. Initial exposure to his material portrays an obvious and esoteric teaching of his tools. Further study reveals a more secretive esoteric pedagogy outlined through obscure references, phraseologies, calculators and mysterious charts.

Gann’s pioneering studies were decades ahead of his time. The tools and techniques that his legacy offers have only increased in their efficacy and application through the advent of technological advances in recent years. When computationally applied, Gann’s techniques provide some of the most practical tools ever developed in the field of Technical Analysis. His esoteric tools are capable of producing indicators, forecasts, or trading signals which far exceed the general industry standards.

Gann was said to have taken over $50,000,000 out of the markets over his long trading career, leading to continuing interest in uncovering the secret teachings of his esoteric system. Gann died on June 18th, 1955, leaving generations of traders and researchers fascinated and intrigued with the vast offerings he has left behind. The Institute of Cosmological Economics is proud to be the premium centralized source for the accumulation and distribution of the very best original and Gann-related materials that explain, apply and decode his vast perennial legacy.

The "Master Forecast" Method

Gann's life work was heavily focused on finding and proving the cause of market movements. He believed that if you can identify the "cause" of a particular market, you would be able to successfully speculate the "effect". In the course you will learn practical astrology techniques to gain a deeper understanding of "the causes of all things" and be able to apply them to any financial market and any timeframe.
The image to the left is a forecast that Gann made for Corn cycles. His method involved calculating which cycle is repeating in the past, based on the LAW OF VIBRATION. In the course you will learn a combination of mathematical formulas used by Gann himself in order apply the LAW OF VIBRATION as he did. As Gann states in his Master Commodity Course - "Mathematics is the only exact science. All power under heaven and on earth is given unto the man that masters the simple science of mathematics."

Geometrical Angles Applied To Modern Markets

In his Master Commodities Course, Gann says "You can beat the market by trading against the 45 degree angle alone, if you stick to the rule: Wait to buy an option on the 45 degree angle or wait to sell it against the 45 degree angle". You will learn why Gann uses the 45 degree angle in the first place with proofs and examples from nature, and how to scale and apply the geometric angles to all markets and all timeframes.

Square Of 9 Applied To Modern Markets

In the course you will not only learn how to use the Square Of 9, but also learn why it is built the in the specific way it is and how it is connected to nature. You will learn how to use the free software "Gannzilla" which will help us apply Gann's teaching to modern markets. You will learn how to convert time in price points and price points into potential turning points. Most importantly you will learn a practical method for applying the Square Of 9 to any market and any timeframe.

The "Secret Divergence" Method

In "Truth Of The Stock Tape", Gann provides an in-depth analysis of the stock market and its underlying principles. He believes that the stock market is governed by natural laws that can be studied and understood. Gann emphasizes the importance of understanding the "tape" or the stock market data and charts, as they reveal the true trends and movements of the market. He provides a comprehensive explanation of how to analyze the stock market and make informed trading decisions based on the trends and patterns revealed in the tape. According to Gann, "secret divergence" is a warning sign of an imminent trend reversal, and traders who are aware of this concept can take advantage of it to make profitable trades. He believed that by studying the underlying indicators and comparing them to the price movements of a security, traders can identify secret divergences and predict future market trends. Gann's approach to "secret divergence" was based on his belief that the stock market operates according to natural laws and patterns, and that these patterns can be studied and understood. He believed that by analyzing market data, traders could identify hidden divergences and use them to make informed trading decisions.


I'm Sean Avidar. Originally from Toronto, Canada but currently lives in Israel. I speak both English and Hebrew fluently.

Before my journey into trading, I served as a commissioned officer ranked Lieutenant in the Israel Defense Forces, dedicating nearly six years to my country. However, I soon realized that I yearned for more freedom in my life, which led me to explore ways to make money online.

Trading instantly captured my attention and I delved into it wholeheartedly. Despite investing significant amounts in various courses, I struggled to find a consistent approach. That's when everything changed for me. I stumbled upon the works of W.D. Gann, a turning point that shaped my trading path.

In 2017, fate brought me a mentor who guided me on how to learn and analyze W.D. Gann's enigmatic methods, transforming my trading game. Today, I trade full time and find immense joy in sharing this valuable knowledge with the next generation of traders.

Here's to a prosperous and enlightened trading journey! Cheers!